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Your health and breathing

Sometimes it's very good to be positive and just believe that everything will work out. You really should keep that attitude. But sometimes things just wont work out by themselves, especially if we're talking about asthma. The thing with asthma is that it is totally different from person to person. So you can't really say that all guidelines for asthma treatment applies to everyone. But there are som general guidelines that do. Make sure of what you and you family need when it comes to treatment. It's better to be safe than sorry then you have asthma.

I have to get used.

Spring is here and as soon as the road is cleaned, in the winter there are a lot of small stones because it can be slippery when there is snow, my children can be found on their bikes all day long. There are growing up and they are away from home for a longer time and they also go a little bit further away. I always know where they are. They visit me once and awhile if they want something to drink or like a few minutes ago because one of my sons felt on his wrist joint. It is ...